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We apply the most up-to-date anesthesia methods with our experienced anesthesiologists so that there is no pain and pain in rhinoplasty operations.

Depending on the physiological structure of the nose where rhinoplasty will be performed, our anesthesiologist and plastic surgeon will choose the most suitable method for you.

When the patient to be operated on comes to our center, the necessary examinations are performed by our anesthesiologist. 

 In rhinoplasty applications, open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty applications can be performed in accordance with the nose structure and expectation of the person.

 With the experience of our specialists, you will not feel any pain or pain during and after the operation.


Get the Nose You Dreamed of with Our Professional Plastic Surgery Specialist! Get the look of your dreams with rhinoplasty!

Get detailed information about facial aesthetic methods, cheek, nose, nose tip, and eyelid aesthetic applications.
In our unit; In addition to polyclinic services, ear nose and throat examinations, surgical treatments of the head and neck, cosmetic facial surgeries, hearing and balance …
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Depending on the current structure of the nose and its proportion to the face, our aim with rhinoplasty is to reshape the nose and adapt it to the face and other facial structures.

We ensure that the root of the nose, the middle part of the nose and the tip of the nose have a balance within themselves, this balance and harmony is achieved with rhinoplasty. Another important goal is to ensure that the nose performs the correct breathing function in a healthy way.

Op. Dr. Hüseyin DAĞ

Nose Aesthetics Specialist

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Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty methods, which are the most up-to-date Rhinoplasty applications, are used in our center.

The latest technology, laser devices are used during the operation. In this way, the operation is completed quickly.

There is no scar after the operation and you can return to your daily life as soon as possible.